Crane collapse kills seven people in China

Seven people have been killed and two more injured after a crane collapsed at a construction site in China.

The accident struck on Saturday night at the construction site for the southern headquarters of the state-owned China Communications Construction Company in Guangzhou, which builds infrastructure and provides urban development.

Work safety is a major concern in China where health and safety regulations are often ignored.

Several recent industrial incidents in the country have resulted in multiple fatalities. Last April, a crane collapse killed 18 people in the southern Guandong province.

The country’s disastrous series of recent industrial accidents includes mine collapses, factory explosions and fires, killing and injuring hundreds of people each year.

Inadequate workplace safety has been blamed on lax enforcement, poor inspection and training and corruption to make money in the supposedly Communist state.

The two injured people are reported to be in a stable condition.

A statement from the city’s Haizhu district said investigators are looking into the cause of the crane collapse.